:: NEW Music in the iTunes Store (October 1st) ::

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Rick Roberts has released another gem, called Same Mirror, Different Reflections. You can buy it now at the iTunes store! Follow the link below! ALSO--please DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM ARTWORK/BOOKLET by clicking here.

Same Mirror, Different Reflections
Rick Roberts - Phases

:: Rick's Music in the iTunes Store::

Rick Roberts now has a great collection of tracks availabe in the iTunes Store! Simply click the album covers below to sample each song, buy the album, or purchase individual songs. We hope you enjoy!

Phases Album in the iTunes Store
Rick Roberts - Phases
Windmills/She Is A Song album in the iTunes Store
Windmills/She Is A Song album in the iTunes Store

:: Artist Credits For The Solo Albums ::

Since the credits for the musicians are not included for my two solo albums, I thought I'd add them here, as they were almost all my friends and were willing to help me along with my first efforts at going it alone. I will always be grateful for their excellent contributions.


Produced by David Anderle for Willow Productions

She Is A Song

Produced by Chris Hillman
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